B4B: Our Year Is Here!

Jack Campbell reports on the 2013 B4B game.

When someone says B4B at Beechwood, the chanting begins. No one is safe from it. The school spirit is off the charts. What is B4B? Well, you shouldn’t be asking that question. However, I’ll humor you. B4B stands for Basketball 4 Business, a friendly (sometimes) game of basketball between the teachers and the seniors (12th graders) at Beechwood. The twist is, all of the money collected goes straight to cancer research, and this event is always widely popular, so the dough is racked in. For example, this year, just on T-Shirts alone, B4B raised around $160. That’s just T-Shirts. Pizza slices as well as candy were also sold. The only flaw in this event is that the teachers always win. Every single year. Perhaps there is some type of educational perfomance enhancing substance involved (just kidding teachers don’t fail me…). Anyways, this years B4B has even more hype than last year. The students have been practicing their tails off and are determined to come out with a W.

So the game was a constant battle all 4 quarters. Chad Evans opened up with at least 3 3-point shots to get the crowd as well as the players fired up. At the end of the first quarter the score was 17-10 with the teachers in the lead. The second quarter went underway as solid defense by the students held the teachers at bay while making even more 3-point shots. At the end of the second quarter the students had pulled ahead 24-23. At halftime there was a spectacular dance off to Harlem Shake and Gangam Style. After the entire school shook their groove things the third quarter went underway. The students looked fatigued as the Niko-Aaron dynamic duo put the team on their back. At the end of the third quarter the morale of the students was destroyed. 43-34 teachers. Finally the fourth quarter started after a quick game of musical chairs, the onslaught continued. Led by their frontman “Skip To My Lou” Piergalski with 11 points, the teachers came away with the big W. The final score was 52-42 teachers, and after the tears had been shed, we were all reminded that the money raised was for a good cause. Both teams played their hearts out as the “Battle of the Baskets” had come to a close.







Jack Campbell


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