For the Love of Forensics


The 2012-2013 State Forensics Team traveled to Lexington to compete. Meg Spencer was there.

Over the weekend of the 14-17th, my friend received a text from a church friend that invited him to come sing karaoke with them, but when he responded by saying that he was at a forensics competition their response was, “LOL! Hope you  solve the case.” Ahhhh, forensics; the most missunderstood of all of the nerd coalitions and the State Finals, the most important time of the year. Put these two things together and you are in for one exhausting/disappointing/shenanigan filled weekend.

First and foremost credit must go where credit is due, and that is straight to Ms. Siefert. She was recently awarded diamond status as a coach which means that she has reached a milestone number of National Forensics League points. Ms. Siefert is one of only six coaches in Kentucky to be in possesion of such a prestigious award, and she deserved it. Over the weekend she dealt with countless crisses including missing judges, upset hotel staff, and 36 grumpy teenagers. With the help of Assistant Coach Ms. Vanderpool the two made it a smooth weekend for everyone and even heaped to advance students onto both the semi-final and final rounds.

Advancing to Finals and Semi-Finals at the state level is very difficult. Only 18 people in each event advance onto semi-finals and then only 6 advance from there. Beechwood was lucky enough to have 6 people representing them in Semi-Finals in 5 different events; In Improvisational Duo-Claire Joswick and Meg Spencer, in Humorous Interpretation-Ray Dzhorgov, in Original Oratory-Olga Shoyat, in Poetry-Evan Bishop, and in Declimation-Gillian Bradley. “Deep down I was happy I made it,” Ray Dzhorgov admitted. “I was definitely skeptical about moving further, but it was nice to get that far. I even received a piece of fancy white paper and a hearty handshake at the awards ceremony. Disappointing, but not entirely unsatisfactory.”

Out of those 6 only Gillian Bradley advanced to Finals and was declared 5th in the state for Declamation.”It was really exciting,” gushed Bradley. “I never expected to get this far. It was a good reward for all of the hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and practice hours. I’m only kidding, but it was still pretty nice.” While Beechwood didn’t receive a team trophy they had a better representation than last year, and that means that the only way for the team is up. The team will also be competing at the National Level on the 22-23rd for a chance to make it to the National Finals which are held in Washington D.C. “Let’s be honest, none of us are probably going to go on, but it will be a good learning experience for next year.” Wise parting words from Gillian Bradley, as she and the rest of the team move on to their next challenge.


State Finalist Gillian Bradley who placed 5th in Declamation







Meg Spencer



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