Give Me Parking or Give Me Death

Nate Kinman reports on the parking dilemma at Beechwood.

Just like every Monday, you wake up, still thinking it is the weekend, only to be smacked in the face by the reality that it is in fact merely the start of a long week. Once you pull into the parking lot, it is as if old Mr. Gates is giving away money at school: not one single empty parking spot. So “you drive around frantically as the clock turns 8:00 and you realize getting yet another tardy is inevitable because you only have 2 options: drive to another parking lot off campus or illegally park.” tells senior Zach Robinson. This frustration has been continually stressed by countless student drivers and teachers as of late.  But why? For one thing, we know that there is a rising population of drivers within the school; consequently, the competition for parking only increases. The rules following the program put in place by the school administration to handle this fluctuation allow students, on a first come first serve basis, to purchase a parking pass which gives them the right to park on campus, either in the old tennis courts or in the parking lot just before them.

In summary, this system works while it is being administered and abided by by the school population. But as this program was not being administered nor followed by the students, the result was complete chaos in the mornings. The fault of the students falls on two types: One, drivers who did not pay for a parking pass who continue to park in the spots designated for those who did pay. Second, drivers who did purchase a parking pass are rest their vehicles in the teachers open spots as a result of those who did not purchase a pass.  As far the faculty is concerned, the program they put in place, was not adequately being administered, thus allowing this jumble of parking to only fester.

What are some plausible solutions? Free for all? First come first serve? No. The administration assigning a parking pass that has a specific numbered parking space in an on campus parking lot would do gangbusters. This would eliminate all confusion about where to park, who needs administering it, and people parking in the incorrect places. There would be no need for the faculty to administer this policy because if everyone purchasing a pass had a defined parking place, there would be no doubt as to who could park and where. Problem solved.

As the situation has improved over the past few weeks it is important to keep in mind that Beechwood has gone through this phase before. First, drivers get a talk about how they will get towed if they park in the wrong spot and it scares them into submission for a little while. However, as the weeks go on, they lighten up on the policy and everyone is right back where they started.







Nate Kinman


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