The Beechbark NCAA Tournament Challenge!

Over 30 students turned their brackets in to Chris. Who will come out on top?

Selection Sunday is one of the most exciting and interesting days of the year in college basketball. The bubble teams find out if they made the big tournament or the NIT, the best teams find out if they got a 1 seed or fell short, and all teams find out who they’ll be playing come Thursday. For all the fans watching, they just want to see who’s playing who and analyze every matchup for their bracket. As soon as the tournament ends, millions rush to their computer and print off multiple brackets. Sometimes these brackets are for your friends and family. Sometimes these brackets are just for you (you never know how the tournament is going to play out). Normally, people fill them out and enter them in a pool at a workplace, or on a national level (such as ESPN’s Tournament Challenge). But this year is, of course, different. Instead of entering a bracket into a place where theres millions of people, or entering a bracket into a place where you’re going up against people at least twice your age, students at Beechwood can now enter in the Beechbark Tournament Challenge and have their brackets placed up against other students at Beechwood.

Here are the rules:

  • Anyone can enter
  • No fee for entering a bracket
  • You can enter up to 2 brackets
  • Prizes:
  • 3rd place: 1 large gatorade
  • 2nd place: 2 large gatorades
  • 1st place: exotic fruit basket from Kroger
  • Point system: 1 point for winning 2nd round game, 2 points for winning 3rd round or Sweet 16 game, 3 points for winning elite 8 or Final Four game, and 4 points for winning the championship game
  • Bracket(s) are due by Thursday, March 21st.

The tournament started with upsets left and right. The biggest upset was 15 seed Florida Gulf Coast advancing to the Sweet 16, the first time a 15 seed has ever done so.

After all the 1st weekend’s games, it was time for grading. Here are the top 5 brackets

1. Ty Massie 47

2. Austin Smith 45

2. Jake Etler 45

4. Clay Mchugh 44

5. Grant Plageman 43

5. Bo Rust 43

5. Chris Weinstein 43

2 Seed Georgetown was knocked out of the tournament in the round of 64 by Florida Gulf Coast

Any one of these people in the top 5 (including myself) could win this bracket. It will all come down to who has more teams in the final four and who will have picked the championship team right. “I still think I have a legitimate shot to win”, said Bo Rust, who is currently in a tie for 5th place. “Louisville looks like the best team in the tournament right now and that’s who I picked”. The standings might be close this weekend, but if the next weekend is filled with upsets, then next week’s standings could be shaken up.






Chris Weinstein


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