The Man, the Legend: Chad Evans

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Zach Robinson profiles a state champion in our midst

Chad Evans, a complex man to say the least: A family man, a sports man, an athletic man, are some of the many words to describe him. Evans is a hard worker. If he sets his mind to it, he will work as hard as he can to accomplish any goal. In this track season, Chad has made big leaps in the shot put event.  Not only did he place first at state, in the indoor season, but also beat the old school record by three feet. Evan’s record is now, 46’feet and 3’inches. “My original end goal was to beat the record, now, I guess, my goal is to place first at outdoor state.”

His win is considered to be massive. “To beat the old record by three feet, is a pretty big deal. In other parts of the year, I have lost by just a quarter of an inch, so to beat a record by three feet, that’s huge.” Shot put is all about how far one can launch a metal ball. Chad has been a heavy hitter in this event all year. He hits the gym almost every day and is contently trying to improve his toss. He has worked very hard and not only is the the indoor state champ, but is hungry for outdoor win as well.


There are two seasons for the track team, indoor and outdoor. “The outdoor season is going to be stacked. I’m going to be up against guys from triple A schools. That’s like going up against a six A school in football.” The competition is going to be steep for Chad, but he claims he, “won’t give up.” Kentucky’s male state shot put record is: 67’feet and 0’inches. ” My goal isn’t to beat the state record. That record is a bit out of my reach, however I do plan on being the best in the state this season.” Watching Chad Evans go for the gold this year, will most definitely be exciting.


Evans has a whole season ahead of him – “I plan to kick butt out there, its gonna be a bloodbath this season.” It is Evan’s last chance to win, so he is not going to let up. He plans on practicing both his shot put, and the discus. “Its going to be a long fight, but I’m in for the long haul.” Chad shows a lot of promise and has a great shot at winning the gold. If anything the rest of his year will be very interesting, but what else would you expect from the school record holder?






Zach Robinson






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