Wanted: Food Ambassador

Raye Bertke looks into the newly-created student position. It involves taste-testing!

The food ambassador’s mission is to improve the lunch menu, to satisfy appetites, and give the students healthier food options. Nick Herrick is the elementary nurse, leader of the food ambassador and the man for the job. Herrick says, “This is the first-time, food ambassador project with students and the students are important.” The students that were chosen from grades 5-10 for this task had to write two, one hundred word essays on why they should be the ambassador and why students should have healthy lunches. The essays served the purpose of finding the students that truly cared to make a difference. The most important part of this project Herrick says is, “a student-centered lunch menu.


Students involved in this project are to participate in a food show March 20th and see what foods are tasty and worthy of our school lunch.  After the ambassadors have decided which foods they fancy, other students at Beechwood will try to please their palettes. This phase of the project will begin after said food show. The food trucks will then travel to our school and students will have the opportunity to try what the ambassadors chose.

However, there are challenges inherent to the program. Herrick says, “the challenge for the students will be finding healthy food that also tastes good.” Students in todays day and age have a tendency to relate more to food that tastes good not worrying about health concerns. But, it is a mission at Beechwood to make the best of of healthy options.

Money can be an issue; however, Beechwood is trying to change as much as possible. Herrick says, “We won’t be able to change all the food on the menu, but we can change a lot of the options.” The food ambassadors are going to do the best they can in changing our lunch menu for the better. Herrick also says, “The new cafeteria will help a lot with the food situation. It’s going to be as if the students are dining in at a restaurant instead of what it is now.”

The food ambassadors and Mr. Herrick are bringing high hopes to Beechwood, as well as delicious food. This is a really exciting oppotunity we’re being handed at Beechwood and we students can’t wait.






Raye Bertke


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