Brandt Coleman

The man, the myth, the legend: Brandt Coleman, born June 27th, 1994, rides in on his motorcycle called Old Blue. He has an appetite for Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. He enjoys living and when something tries to mess that up he just relaxes. If he could be any dinosaur, he would be a raptor. He enjoys the raptor because of its use of brain over brawn. This year he’s ready to bring it on the field, in journalism, and in his heart. *Knock*Knock* Who’s that at the door? It’s Brandt Coleman, you gonna let him in?

Casey Nalley

 Casey Nalley was born May 6th, 1996, in Cincinnati, Ohio. She currently attends Beechwood High School as a junior; however, she considers herself to be a full-time musician and only a part-time student. Casey is an accomplished percussionist and is most passionate about playing the drums. Her writing career is in its infancy, but will live a very long life.  When Casey is not at marching band, playing her drums, or writing; she can be found with her head in a book. Casey’s taste in music and books covers a wide spectrum from Katy Perry to Judy Garland to Father John Misty and John Green to Malcom Gladwell to Hari Kunzru. Casey lives her life with a looking-glass perspective, “We’re all mad here.”

Chris Weinstein

Chris Weinstein is no ordinary student. He loves video games; in fact, he even said he was addicted! He’s a family man and enjoys Thanksgiving for the family time as well as the delicious food. He doesn’t read as much as he’d like to, but his favorite book, without a doubt, is The Hunger Games. At night, if he has trouble sleeping, he’ll get up and watch his share of the late night news or read a book, if all else fails, to doze off and hit the Z’s. His dream house would be in the culturally rich city of Los Angeles, because of it’s beautiful beaches and diversity.

Cody Alsip

Cody is a very peculiar individual.  He idolizes J.K. Rowling and Taylor Swift.  In fact, if he had to be locked in a room with anyone, he would want it to be Rowling because he would want to find out everything after Harry Potter. He would like to become an author; however, his passion remains in writing music.  Upon being asked what he would be like if he were a cupcake, he said, “I would taste delicious.”  Cody loves plaid and polos and (after being begged) admitted that the last song that made him cry was “Ronan” by Taylor Swift.

Evan Brown

 Spunky and 17, Evan Brown has big dreams for such a small town. November 15th, 1994 he came into this world with a drumstick in his hand. Since then, he has never put it down. Recently his drumming ability has brought him the greatest experience of his short life, GSA. He hopes to pursue music in college, which is fitting since that is his biggest interests and the one he is most opinionated about. And if Evan had a time machine for one day, he would use it to go back in time to meet John Coltrain.

Hannah Williams

 Why is Hannah William’s favorite time of the school day lunch? Because it’s a time to socialize, of course. While lunch is her favorite time of the day, her job was probably her least favorite. She used to work at a hospital and she used to make pretzels, which she absolutely hated. She also enjoys hanging out with friends on the weekends like most people. Blue is her favorite color. Maybe it’s because of the clear ocean water of Australia, her favorite vacation spot.

John “Jack” Campbell

 Jack Campbell (yes, like the soup) is a pretty  friendly, well-rounded, funny guy, with an out-of-the-box, glass half-full personality. He considers himself a tough guy but admits to having a soft side. His biggest fears are scary movies, spiders…and authority. Jack is an easy-going senior that enjoys sleeping, being with friends, and  of course, eating good food. He admires his mom because of all the hard work she has done in her life, and when asked his favorite things about himself, Beechwood, and the infamous Mr. Piergalski, he responded with being able to get along well with others, having a great opportunity at Beechwood and appreciating a teacher that cares about his future.

Kadence Baker

 Kadence Baker is one of the oddest creatures who roams the forest. Even though she has an affinity for boy bands and pandas, she still manages to some how be a kind individual. When asked which celebrity, dead or alive, she would have dinner with, she responded with the most typical answer a teenage girl would give:  an attractive boy. Her favorite musicians are One Direction and the Wanted, and she also likes to scope out new indie bands who might have some promise. Even though she is fairly crazy, she is one of the most down-to-earth individuals you will ever meet. Hit her up on her iPhone. She’ll talk to you, usually.

Margy “The Grim Presence” Groshong

 Margy Groshong is a colour guard veteran whose house stares down Beechwood High School. Not many people can say they have a twin sister, but Margy can. Fashion and design take a huge part in her life as she hopes one day to live in New York, or possibly Paris, to follow her fashion designing dreams. As an avid sleepist, Margy enjoys night-time more than any other part of the day. If you want to know more about Margy, don’t hesitate to go up and chat with her – she’s an interesting gal!

Meg Spencer

Meg Spencer is the type of journalist who prefers the typing over the research. This translates into better crafted stories. She’s in it for the art, not the cold facts. She loves Coldplay and Finnick Odair. She also may be one of the funniest people you’ll meet.

Nate “Old Hickory” Kinman

 Nate Kinman’s hero is Phil Mickelson, basically because he’s a classy man, always giving to charity and doing what’s right. The time that had the most impact on Nate’s life was living alone in Pittsburgh for some time. When Nate’s nervous, he makes jokes. What makes him angry? When he’s talked to like he’s five years old. Nate’s ideal day off includes being in a parade, going to a baseball game, driving a car through a window – in short a Ferris Bueller’s day off.

Zach Robinson

Zach Robinson is truly a complex man. He participates in a number of activities and some of the things described here were shocking. Among Zach’s favorite activities was singing. Because of all this singing, it is not surprising that chorus is Zach’s favorite class at school. Mr. Robinson is usually a joker, but his more emotional side came out when asked who has had the most impact on him. He said his grandfather, citing a quote his grandfather often spoke and that he has always tried to model: “You can do anything you want; the only thing standing in your way is yourself”.

Now, being as we’re in journalism class, naturally, his readers may be wondering what type of reporting Zach enjoys most. Zach loves to do movie reviews.  Zach says he knows quite a bit about cinematography and how good movies should be made

Zach has advice for up and coming journalists: What do you do when you have the infamous, debilitating, “Writer’s Block”?! When asked about this, Mr. Robinson uncerimoniously threw his book on the ground and stomped out, his last word’s being “Petter Weller IS acting!” The now fanatical Robinson is believed to have stolen away with Mr. Weller. His whereabouts are still unknown.

Ray Dzhorgov

Ray’s hobbies not only consist of expressing himself through writing but also through music. Ray plays the guitar and his favorite genre of music to play is classic and modern rock. Ray’s most impactful moment he can remember is moving to America from Bulgaria. This cultural difference helps him hold true to his ethnicity. Ray thanks his parents for his ability to make the best of anything and they have influenced him and his brother to cherish their origin. Within the next 5 years Ray hopes to attend college and earn a bachelors’ degree in foreign economic affairs and/or pursue an acting career.

Cassidy Gerwe

Quiet, hard-working, shy and smart; those are just some of the words that come to mind when one meets Cassidy for the first time, but beneath that exterior, there is more than meets the eye.  Born on May 11, 1995, this young lady has big plans for the future: she plans on seeking an English major in college, and her dream job would be to become a professor.  As an english buff, Cassidy spends most of her free time reading books (such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Running with Scissors and The Great Gatsby) and writing stories.  Cassidy also likes to listen to music as well, to bands such as The XX, and The Kooks.  Her favorite food would be pasta and as she put it: “Anything pasta”.  As a young student putting up with senior year in high school, she has retained a job at Michael’s Crafts and Supplies store.  If one would like to know more about Cassidy, all they need do is go up to her and ask her, she is a great people person and will never be rude to anyone without reason.

Adrian Hurley

Adrian a 17 year old guy/boy/man/writer who enjoys the outdoors,
the arts, and sciences. He also likes to eat food and sleep and rock climb. His
favorite color is blue and he hopes to write about the color blue as often as
possible. Adrian’s goals in life are to become a biologist and study at the University
of Colorado at Boulder, travel the world, and become a TED speaker so as to make
a difference in this world.


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